Monday, December 29, 2014

As for those RACIST Republicans, lol: - Is it RACIST to: 1. Require people to BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN actions? 2. Require people to OBEY THE LAW? 3. ASSUME that you will be killed if you POINT A GUN AT A COP?!? => Hello!?! FYI: Among the non-illiterates, this is called "Suicide By Cop." and I don't blame them - I will shoot you too, after assuming MY life is in danger. 3. SECURE THE BORDERS? Only if you are an illegal, ROFL 4. Hunt down and KILL TERRORISTS? 5. Require people to PROVIDE FOR THEIR OWN FAMILIES, or at least buy their OWN condoms? Or for the women, say "NO!" and close your legs. Then if STILL needed, pull out the Mace, Pepper Spray, Taser or the .357 Magnum pistol (only to clarify if still needed.) But if needed, fire a round or two in the offender's direction, preferrabley ending their career permanently. 6. FOLLOW THE US CONSTITUTION? (And to require the Socialist Bozo in the White House to do the same?!?) IMPEACH. Now. 7. Most of all, is it Require the US Government to balance the budget and PAY THE BILLS WHEN THEY COME DUE... Throw out those who don't get the message, and continue throwing out politicians until they do get it right. - Any questions? Just ask anyone with common sense...

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