Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From FB Citizen James J. McGrath: - The American Meteorological Society, as of Aug 2013, as to Earth temperature shows that: 1979 > 1995 = NO temp change. 1995 > 2005 = 0.15 degree C temp change. (1 1/2 tenths of a degree) 2005 > 2013 = No temp change 1880 > 2014 = 1.53 deg F per NASA/NOAA The computer models predicting Global Warming based upon rising CO2 have FAILED. The relationship between CO2 and rising temperature is UNKNOWN. Soooooo, Without the Warming,…..Where is the Global Warming? EVIDENCE – Of bogus claims about catastrophic Global Warming GLOBAL – WARMING/COOLING/CLIMATE CHANGE is determined ONLY by TEMPERATURE. GLOBAL WARMING DATA: EARTH WARMED - 1.53 degrees F since 1880….NASA/NOAA EARTH WARMED - In 2000 yrs the Earth has oscillated +/- and warmed about 1.5 deg F… CATASTROPHIC WARMING – ONLY In the computer models which FAIL to match what the Earth is doing…… Garbage In Garbage Out MISC DATA : OCEANS - Rising .057 in/yr (nickel thickness) GREENLAND GLACIERS - growing ANTARCTIC ICE - Increasing and breaking all records ARCTIC ICE - Northwest passage closed by ice POLAR BEARS - Increased from 5000 in 1950 to about 25000…….WWF Soooooo, why are we spending billions on a problem for which we have no conclusive evidence? Check the data on the internet. This has morphed from a science issue to a political issue. Conservation = YES; Mad panic BS Science =NO. Lets encourage the mining of our resources and lowering of fuel costs. BTW, The UN loves global warming because the US throws money at them to fix this bogus problem. Found an interesting tid-bit of history. Apparently, Hannibal was able to make it through the Alps with his Elephants because, at the time, there was some global warming that melted the glaciers. Sad time for the Romans. I guess the Earth does what it wants to do when it wants to do it in spite of humans.

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